2007 – when “cloud” was a word used to describe white things in the sky.

That’s the year Hostice started offering custom XenSource based Virtual Private Servers to individuals and businesses. We started this service to provide a much needed ‘in-between’ product for those for more than a shared hosting account and less than a stack of dedicated metal. Today, Xen virtual private server hosting is still our core business. And since 2007 we’ve expanded our services to providing affordable domain registration and SSL certificates for individuals and businesses who desire not only an affordable product but also excellent service.

Hostice is small. But we’ve been around for a while. In 2007 when Hostice started, we started with the idea that hosting is not just a product you want at the lowest possible price. It’s a service you want to enjoy. And most of the joy is in the way you’re able to use your product and the support you get. Not just the amount you paid. Hence the name Hostice: “Hosting and Service”. We aim to provide both hosting and service at a reasonable rate.

Whether you’re looking for a place to host your custom web shop, your own cloud application, if you’re a developer in need of a development system or a small design/hosting outfit looking for a reliable server without the hassle of a dedicated server or reseller package, we can help you with a (custom) package of services you need and the service level you desire. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.